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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long are those pieces and where do I buy them?
A: They are not pieces or sections. The curbing is extruded as one continuous piece. There are expansion/control joints cut into the curbing approximately every 3 feet.

Q: Is this landscape curbing a new product and does it last?
A: Landscape curbing has existed for more than 15 years. With its growing popularity curbing has become the best choice for a permanent solution to your edging needs. Ultimate Edge’s professional installation with quality materials will provide a permanent edging. With proper care and maintenance the curbing will last for many years.

Q: How deep do you dig and what type of base is under the curbing?
A: We dig about 1-2 inches deep and 10 inches wide using a sod cutter. This is done without disturbing your existing landscape beds or plants. The sod cutter provides an even path to apply the curbing. We make sure the base under the curb is compacted and level. If needed we will add a small layer of sand to ensure the level of the curbing. If the ground should shift then the control joints help control cracking.

Q: What about frost and ground movement?
A: Individual blocks or bricks will shift during the freeze/thaw process. Since we install a continuous piece of concrete movement is minimized. Our curbing material begins with high strength concrete that has fiber mesh reinforcement which is designed to replace rebar. We place control/expansion joints approximately every 3 feet that are cut about 40% into the curb. If there is any ground movement that forces a crack it should be in the joint area and be less noticeable.

Q: Is the color painted or stained on the curb?
A: All of our colors are iron oxide pigments that are mixed into the concrete during the mixing process. The color will not flake off or disappear over time. You may experience a little fading, but this is normal in any outdoor color application. An acrylic sealer is applied at installation to seal in the color and protect the curbing. To prolong the color brilliance and life of the curbing we recommend sealing once a year.

Q: Will the curbing crack?
A: We experience very little cracking however concrete will crack. We take every precaution to limit the cracking and try to control it with expansion joints. If a crack occurs outside of the joint, we will be happy to repair your curbing.

Q: Are you limited to a design layout, such as with Timbers?
A: Concrete curbing is ideal for most any terrain. A small concrete extruding machine is very easily maneuvered, thereby providing the design flexibility needed for your specific lawn type. It curves, circles, or extrudes straight lines to allow for your creative design.

Q: How effective is this Concrete Curb in keeping out grass?
A: Extruded concrete curbing has a proven track record at preventing grass from entering your landscape beds. Your constant (losing) fight to keep sod out of your flower beds ended with this invention. You also do not have grass or weeds growing in between this edging since it is all one continuous piece, nor can the grass grow under the curbing. There are a few different molds (shapes) to choose from. The most common is “slant” & “mower” style. With our machine, both molds have a minimum 4” heights in back and 2” on front. The curb is actually 6” wide. Our molds are designed wide enough to keep sod from growing through it, and also high enough on the back to retain your bed covering, such as mulch. As long as your area is prepared properly and your grass clippings do not go into your flower bed, you will not have creeping grass in your flower beds area any longer!

Q: Does this process damage my lawn or beds? What can I do to prepare for installation?
A: There will not be any damage to your landscape. In fact, we recommend your sod, flowerbeds, and sprinkler systems be installed prior to our arrival. Once you approve the design of your flower bed, we cut the design with a 10? sod cutter so you will have that beautiful smooth flowing curb. Not only do we remove the sod for placement of the curb, but this also gives you the opportunity to see the flow of the bed prior to the installation of the curb. In other words, it still isn’t too late to change your mind on the flow.

Q: Can children or pets damage the curb?
A: The concrete curb is very vulnerable during the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours of installation. It is imperative to keep guests, children, and pets away from the curb for the first few days. In addition, many homeowners have irrigation systems which need to be turned off the day before our arrival and not turned back on until two days after installation. If the curb is damaged from any type of force we can fix the curb, however there will be an additional fee for this service.

After the first few days, the curb is strong enough that animals and children cannot hurt the curb if they step on it. It is OK to rake your bed covering back into place a few days after installation, just make sure the curb does not take a direct hit from any tools. It is best to wait a few weeks before you begin any major replanting or changes to your bed area. Keep in mind, do not allow anyone to dig underneath the curb, or run over the curb with a vehicle. Your curb is only as good as it foundation, and it is not designed to be run over by a vehicle.

Q: Sounds good, but can anyone truly afford this?
A: Compared to the “do it yourself” blocks or edging that you can purchase and install yourself, our prices are very comparable AND it is installed professionally.

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